Course Enrollment FAQ

What are the deadlines for dropping and withdrawing from a class?
Undergraduate and graduate students can request to drop a class during the add/drop period. Beyond the initial add/drop period, students can request to withdraw until Friday of Week 7 at 11:59pm MST.

How do I withdraw from the University?
You should contact the appropriate academic administrator informing them in writing of your intent to withdraw.

What catalog should I use for my major/minor and or general education requirements?
Your catalog year is determined when you first enroll or are re-admitted. Please contact your academic advisor to confirm your catalog year.

How do I change my catalog year for my major/minor or general education?
A request to follow an updated catalog must be requested in writing and provided to the Registrar. Students can only update their catalog year once.

Is there a time limit to finish my degree?
While there is no specific time limit for, undergraduate students, they must continue to make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree. Additionally, students who take longer than average may find that their program offerings have changed and will need to take additional courses due to these changes. 

Graduate students are allowed up to five years from the date of initial enrollment to complete their degree requirements. Under certain circumstances, the time limit may be extended upon petition to the chief location administrator/academic advisor.

How do I declare a graduate certificate?
Once admitted, students must declare their intent to pursue a certificate with their location by submitting the Graduate Student Certificate Declaration form.

Is there an attendance policy?
Yes. The attendance policy is covered in the student handbook, receipt of which constitutes notification of the policy. Students must adhere to the policy and check for revisions each term.

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