Clubs And Organizations

DeVry University student organizations are created and managed by students. The diversity and number are determined by student support and creativity. Information on how to form new clubs is available in Student Central. Following is a list of the current recognized clubs and organizations at DeVry.

Campus Bible Study (CBS)
CBS is an inter-denominational Christian group that meets weekly to provide support and strength to each other through fellowship and prayer, in an open forum-style Bible study on student selected topics.

DeVry Scholars
The DeVry Scholars is an organization dedicated to encouraging academic achievement and is open to all undergraduate students at the Irving campus.

Future Hispanic Leaders
This club will develop, promote and support the advancement, education and professional growth of the Hispanic/Latino students and those students interested in supporting them. The club will celebrate diversity and unity on campus.

Health Information Leaders of Tomorrow (HILT)
Health Information Leaders of Tomorrow is geared toward supplementing the learning of Health Information Technology students by exploring ethical and legal issues, listening to guest speakers and discussing best practices.

Indie Game Developer Club (IDGC)
The purpose shall be to arrange gaming tournaments and assist with networking in the games industry.

Irving DeVry University Game Developers Association (IGDA)
The Irving DeVry University Game Developer's Association is dedicated to providing an industry team-oriented game development atmosphere while allowing members to explore their creative, technical and leadership potential in a recreational environment.

Military Student Association  (Irving & Richardson Campus)
The Association seeks to provide additional information and resources to military personnel and their families to build the relationships that fosters completion of their classes and maximizes their opportunity to graduate. We seek to be an instrument of support on a peer to peer basis and a place of information for the broader support that is available to the MSA. We intend on being a positive presence on and off campus and at the campus and centers - always keeping in mind giving back and supporting one another.

Women In Technology - Men are Invited! (Richardson Campus)
It began as a way to assist women entering the IT industry and address the prevalence of the proverbial 'glass ceiling' in managerial advancement. DVUOC has invited men to partake in this student based organization and begin to learn how to utilize every possible resource to manifest their personal, professional and educational goals. WIT uses the resources of a Speaker's Bureau, Mentoring, and Social Networking to move forward the mission of the club.

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