Designated Parking Areas

All vehicles in the DeVry Irving parking lot have identified areas for parking. Students, faculty, staff and visitors of DeVry must park in the designated areas. Parking vehicles in unmarked areas, the loading dock, fire lanes, two wheeled parking, the street, neighboring business parking lots, or any other area clearly not intended for DeVry use as a parking space is considered a violation of the parking regulations and your car may be towed. See picture below for reference.

DeVry Student/Faculty/Staff Parking

Parking is available in the South and West area of the lot only. A parking sticker is required to park in these areas. DO NOT PARK IN THE VISITOR PARKING OR THE NORTH AND EAST PARKING AREA FOR ANY REASON.

All Parking Stickers must be placed on the lower right passenger side of the windshield.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycles can be brought to school and parked on the North end of the lot. All motorcycles must be parked in this area and not in regular student or faculty/staff area. Motorcycles are not required to purchase a sticker.

Bicycle Area

Bicycles can be locked up on the North side of the building. No bicycles may be brought into the courtyard, hallways, offices or classrooms. Students are required to operate their bicycles safely on campus.

Physically Disabled Parking

Physically Disabled parking is available on the West side of the building. All vehicles parking in these areas must display a physically disabled parking decal or have it on their license plates. Students and Faculty are still required to obtain a DeVry parking sticker.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is available on the West side of the building. All vehicles parking in these areas must sign in at the front reception desk.


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