Developmental Programs

DeVry Irving offers several semesters of developmental reading, writing and math to help students with low admission scores build a foundation for successful completion of a degree. Developmental students may combine their developmental course(s) with one or two mainstream courses, which are not in their developmental area. Rather than refusing admission to these students, DeVry gives them several semesters to upgrade their basic skills.

Students who do not place in the developmental range may take a course at no cost (except for books) to prepare them to retake the entrance test (the CPT) and make the necessary score to enter the next level of reading, writing, and/or math. These students may take MATH017 and/or ENGL017 and must earn a B or higher in the course(s) in order to retake the CPT.

Students scoring in the developmental range on the CPT enter DeVry on a conditional basis to take MATH032 and/or MATH092 or ENGL032 and/or ENGL092. Near perfect attendance is required in these courses as students must make a C or better in order to move forward with their education.

Length Of Study:

Though taking the extra course (or courses) will increase the length of time spent at DeVry, these classes form the foundation for successfully completing a degree.

Developmental Courses:

MATH017 (4 contact hours) Foundations of Mathematics

MATH032 (4 credit hours) Introduction to Algebra

MATH092 (4 credit hours) Basic Algebra

ENGL017 (4 contact hours) Foundations of English

ENGL 032 (4 credit hours) Developmental English

ENGL092 (4 credit hours) Intermediate English

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