Honors Society

Academic Achievers
On February 9, 1999, the Honor Society was officially recognized. The Society's primary goal is to encourage students in the top 10% of the university to maintain high academic standards and to give back through academic service. Students are invited to apply for candidacy.

Letters of invitation will be sent to students who have the academic potential to become a member of the Honors Society. To be eligible for an invitation, students must:

  • Achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.7 or above
  • Maintain good standing with DeVry University
  • Have completed at least 36 credit hours from any DeVry campus.

Application Process
To accept the invitation and apply for candidacy, students must submit:

  1. One written recommendation from a faculty member in their curriculum
  2. One written recommendation from a faculty member or full-time staff member on the Irving campus
  3. An information sheet that describes 10 hours of academic community service
  4. An application that includes: An essay stating why you wish to join the Honor Society, a statement of academic and professional goals, and a list of references

Benefits of Belonging
Honor Society members are part of a distinguished group of students. Both campus and career benefits are possible with Society membership:

Campus Benefits

  • Instant recognition of academic excellence through a relationship with the national organization, Alpha Chi
  • Mutual recognition of intellectual ability and motivation among the members in the Society
  • Collaboration within a support group of high achievers who are also Society members
  • Potential mentorship through Alpha Chi chapters
  • Individual distinction during graduation ceremonies

Career Benefits

  • Powerful academic and service credentials for your resume
  • Networking opportunity with DeVry honors alumni and with national affiliation of Alpha Chi alumni
  • Life-long support group of high achievers


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