How To Create A Resume

Before beginning your résumé, compile your employment and educational history, including starting and ending years. If you do not have employment experience, you could list activities or achievements that would indicate relevant skills or character development. Keep your résumé brief and to the point (one page). If the employer is interested, more information will be requested from you later when appearing for interviews or filling in applications.

A Résumé Checklist


  • Does it include the name, address, daytime phone number, and e-mail address?
  • Does it have a professional e-mail address containing all or part of your name (e.g.,


  • Is it free of pronouns (I, me, my), wordy phrases and personal information?


  • Is the degree written exactly as it would appear on the diploma/transcript?  Check the DeVry catalog for the proper name and concentration.

Example: Bachelor of Science in Technical Management; concentration in Accounting Associate of Applied Science in Network Systems Administration

  • Does each school appear in reverse chronological order (most current or recent first) with city and state?


  • Do jobs appear in reverse chronological order (most current or recent first) with city and state listed?
  • Are dates of employment written in consistent format: month/year (6/2007- 5/2008) or year to year (2007-2008)?
  • Do action verbs describe job accomplishments in present ("develop") and past ("developed") tense?


  • Are standard bullets and fonts used, such as Arial and Times Roman, at sizes of 11-12 points?
  • Is the length no more than one to two pages? If using two pages, make sure the name is at the top of the second page.
  • Are words or abbreviations written consistently? Example: IL or Illinois


  • Use spell check, however proofread for correct word usage, capitalization and punctuation. Ask several people to review for errors.

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