The Jack David Armold Honors Program (JDAHP) is an array of academic courses officially recognized in 1991 by the President of the Dallas campus. From the first few General Education English courses that challenged the high achiever with rigorous assignments and enlightening discussions, the number of courses has grown as students responded to the faster pace with extended material taught by accomplished educators. Now, students may be eligible for honors candidacy through the innovative Contract Honors option. Following the tradition at other universities, the JDAHP students are asked to sign an honors code, a pledge to be honest and fair in academic pursuits.

JDAHP is nationally affiliated with the National Collegiate Honors Council, offers honors courses throughout the Liberal Arts core, and recognizes JDAHP students at an honors reception at the end of every session.

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 Contact Us:  Dr. Lory Hawkes  Rhonda Lewis
   Honors Council Chair  Associate Dean of Liberal Arts and Science
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