Faculty Assistant Job Information


Hours of work vary for each FA depending on their schedule. Faculty Assistants are scheduled for up to 25 hours a week.


Faculty Assistants are required to attend scheduled meetings and training sessions during each semester. FAs are asked to assist the Academic Department during registration between semesters.

What is a Faculty Assistant

A Faculty Assistant's main function on the DeVry campus is to assist other students, faculty, and administrative staff in a supportive capacity. Faculty Assistants can be assigned to one or more areas on campus depending on their experience and abilities.

An FA must be resourceful, knowledgeable, an outstanding student, and have a willingness to teach and learn. FAs are dedicated to the mission of DeVry and the pursuit of academic integrity.

FAs have a unique role. While you are a student, you are also an employee of DeVry University. In this position, you have the advantages and disadvantages of both students and staff, and also two sets of guidelines you must adhere to.

Benefits of Being a Faculty Assistant

  • Your job is conveniently located
  • Working as an FA allows you to continuously review course material
  • Your employer is flexible with your work schedule during periods of high academic stress
  • You develop an employment history which can be used for future job references
  • You have the opportunity to gain interpersonal relationship skills, leadership skills, and learn how to handle employment responsibility
  • FAs often obtain employment more quickly after graduation due to their experience as an FA
  • FAs can participate in special Leadership training courses

Requirements to be a Faculty Assistant

To be considered for a position as a Faculty Assistant you must first meet these requirements:

  • A current cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better for technical FA's and 2.7 for administrative FA's
  • Consistent attendance history
  • Faculty/Staff references
  • In good standing with DeVry
  • No discipline issues
  • Have not been found guilty of any academic integrity issues

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