Parking Services

Jumper Cables

Room 215 will provide jumper cables or access to a power booster for you to jumpstart your vehicle. Be prepared to present your Student ID and/or drivers license as well as evidence of vehicle ownership, if asked.

Courtesy Officer/Police Officer

A Courtesy Officer is on duty to enforce the campus driving and parking regulations and to deter vandalism and theft. The Courtesy Officer is not, however, a guarantee against vandalism, theft or damage. Any incidents of this type should be reported to Student Central and the local police.

The Courtesy Officer is also available to escort students and employees who need assistance during the evening hours (Monday thru Thursday). Those needing assistance should go to the Security Information Center located at the front entrance. 

Facilities Department, Courtesy Officer and Police Officer are not able to provide assistance with car repair or keys locked in the car.

Bus Schedules

Public transportation is available to most places in the Irving area through the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Systems. Bus schedules are available by calling DART at (972) 979-1111, or online at Students may purchase basic bus passes for $28.00 from the Cashiers Window in Student Central.

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