Registrar Services

Registrar Services provides support in coordination with metro Academic colleagues based on requests received from students for changes to their academic record.  Students now have the ability, in some instances, to create cases via their student portal rather than fill out a DocuSign or PDF form. Within these webpages, it is noted which requests students now have the ability to request this processing via the student portal.  

Below are which processes can now be handled via student portal requests and which ones still require a form to be filled out.

Important:  DVU colleagues also have the ability to create cases on behalf of a student in some instances; however, whenever a colleague enters a request on behalf of a student, confirmation from the student must be obtained and found within the case before processing can occur. How to submit a case via the student portal:
  1. Login into the student portal,
  2. Click on the Ask Us a Question link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on the Cases tab.
  4. Click on the New Cases button.
  5. For the Department, select DeVry & Keller Registrar Services.
  6. For the Request Detail, choose the appropriate option based on the student's request.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. In most instances, a Messages screen appears containing relevant information for the student to read prior to creating the case. Once the message has been read, click Continue.
  9. In the Edit Case screen, the student enters information in each required field and then clicks Submit to submit the case.
  10. The case is either routed directly to Registrar Services for processing, or sent to the student's SSA/Academic Advisor for review and to determine next steps.  Next steps may include:
    1. routing the case to the appropriate academic administrator for review,
    2. obtaining supporting documentation/enrollment addendums from the student,
    3. routing the case to DeVry & Keller Registrar Services for processing.

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