Services Offered To Students By Student Services

The following is a list of the services made available to our student population through the Student Services Office.

Bulletin Boards:

Information on campus activities are posted on the bulletin boards located on the 1st, 2nd floors and in the Commons. If you would like information posted it must be approved by Student Services.

Campus Crime Report:

Each fall the campus submits a copy of the campus crime report to our home office in Illinois. Each continuing student is mailed a copy to their home address.

Campus Judicial Procedures:

The Ombudsman will notify students who have charges of Student Code of Conduct or Academic Integrity brought forth against them. Please review the Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity sections of the Student Handbook for a complete description.

Emergency Evacuations:

Each office and classroom has the emergency evacuation procedures posted. All students should review these procedures. Emergencies should be reported immediately to Student Services.

International Students:

The International Student Designated School Official is located in Student Central and can assist International Students with processing of their enrollment paperwork.

Privacy Act:

DeVry complies with the Federal F.E.R.P.A (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) law. Any student who wishes to withhold their directory information can complete a non-disclosure form located in the Registrars office. Non-disclosure forms must be completed by the end of week 2 of each term, and turned into the Registrars office.

Student Activities:

All Student Activity fees are placed in an account governed by the DeVry Student Activities Association. This account funds several free activities such as: summer BBQ, Thanksgiving Dinner, Make Your Own Videos, Casino Night, Guest Speakers, Intramural Sports, the Leadership Series, Student Newspaper and much more. Be sure to read the bulletin boards for upcoming events.

Student Handbook:

The Student Handbook is available in Student Services and on the DeVry website under Student Services. All students are expected to adhere to the policies in the handbook.

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