Student Insurance

All full-time students carrying 12 or more credit hours are required to enroll in a health insurance plan unless physical evidence of coverage under a similar insurance program (individually or as a dependent under your parent's/spouse's insurance) is presented to Student Services.

All DeVry annual insurance policies expire on November 3 of each year. Continuing students will have an insurance block when they register for the Fall term (continuing students should be advised that a strict deadline to clear the block is adhered to). Students who do not clear this block or do not provide a waiver card and are carrying 12 or more credit hours will have the insurance premium charged to their Educard account. It is the student's responsibility to renew the policy with DeVry. Premiums may be paid to the cashier by cash, check, Master Card, Visa, or Discover. Only student-only coverage can be charged to a student's EDUCARD account. Optional coverage for a student's spouse and/or children is available (this portion has to be paid out-of-pocket).


See the instructions below and sign up today!

  1. Go to:

  2. Follow the on screen prompts to complete your form

  3. Click submit

You can also contact Student Services in Student Central for more information. Coverage options vary, so if you have questions contact:

Tell them you are a DeVry student!!!

Insurance coverage is provided by United Health Care-Student Resources.

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