Computer, Lab/Classroom Policies and Procedures

The following policies apply to all computers on the DeVry University campus or center

  1. Only members of the DeVry University community, including current students, staff, and faculty, may use the classrooms and labs.
    If you wish to use a computer, but you are not a member of the DeVry University community, please ask at the Help window for assistance.
    Be courteous to your fellow lab patrons by turning off your pager or cell phone ringer.
  3. Use of the computers should not hamper or interfere with the ability of other students to do academic work.
    Activities to be avoided include but are not limited to excessive computer volume, loud conversation or laughter, use of offensive language, viewing of offensive or explicit material, cell phone calls, and other disruptive behavior.
  4. Network Access:
    Students' access to the network using their personal laptops is limited to the WIRELESS ACCESS ONLY. Students should NOT disconnect the wired Ethernet cable connected to the computers anywhere on the campus. Violating this policy will result in dismissal of the student. If the student has any problem accessing the wireless network the student should consult the IT Help Desk for resolution.
  5. DeVry University ID card:
    Students are required to carry their student ID while on campus. You may be asked to present it at any time, and if you don't have it with you, you may be asked to leave the campus.
  6. Don't share your username and password:
    You may not share your username or password with another user and you may not use your network account to log another person into a DeVry computer, even if that person is a trusted friend or family member. This is a violation of the policy.
  7. Academic work by current DeVry University students takes precedence over all other uses.
    A user engaged in non-academic activity may be asked to give up his/her computer to allow another user to carry out legitimate academic work.
  8. Please do not leave your personal belongings unattended. DeVry University is not responsible for lost, stolen, or moved items. It is your responsibility to keep your own property safe and secure. If a station is left unattended for 15 minutes or more, a DeVry University staff member may log you out of the computer, move your belongings, and another user may have access to the computer.
  9. Lost & Found:
    See Student Central front desk.
  10. You may not install software on lab computers, including but not limited to games, ICQ or instant messengers, media players, etc.
    If you need a specific piece of software for academic purposes, please talk to a lab staff at the Help window to find out the appropriate procedure for having it installed.
  11. Do not save work on the computer.
    After you log off all work done by you is wiped out. Save to a removable media such as a USB drive, floppy disk or CD-RW. (Keep in mind that some computers on campus do not have floppy disk drives).
  12. No special paper:
    Please do not put special paper into the paper trays of the printers. If you would like to print on special paper, please ask a lab staff member at the Help window for assistance.
  13. Food and drinks are not permitted in any of the labs.
  14. No Children:
    Children are not permitted on campus while their parents (or supervisor) are in class or working on class work. If the student is taking care of business in Student Central (or another department) children are allowed but only with constant supervision.
  15. Inappropriate material:
    Viewing of pornography or other sexually explicit materials on campus is not appropriate. If anyone sees you engaging in such activity, you may be asked to stop the activity immediately and/or leave the campus.

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