Prospective Students
Please complete and submit an application for admission.

DeVry Undergraduate Application for Admission


Apply Online: Available for Undergraduate and Graduate applicants.

New Students (First Session)
Please register in person.

Continuing Students
Register online at

For assistance using go to Using below.

Readmitted Students
Students who have not taken classes for over 6 consecutive sessions must reapply and be readmitted in order to register for classes.


Information available at includes:

  • Online Enrollment
  • Academic Progress
  • Financial Aid Information

How do I find out if a class is still open?
Use the self enroll screen at to determine if the class is open or closed.

How do I view/print a copy of my schedule?
Your schedule is available at

Where can I obtain a description of all courses offered by the University?
The undergraduate and graduate catalogs are available online at

I am having trouble with eCollege. Where can I get help?
Please call the eCollege Help Desk, available 24/7, at 800-594-2402 or email:

What is DegreeWorks?
DegreeWorks is a view-only application used to assist students in determining their progress in their academic programs of study. It includes all course descriptions, course relationships and degree programs with the related requirements.

For more information on DegreeWorks, please contact your academic advisor.

Who do I contact if I am having issues with DegreeWorks (e. g., Logon problems, courses or GPA/grades not displaying correctly etc.)?
If you are having technical problems, please use the Help/Contact tab on your student portal. You can then open a help desk ticket by clicking on the Remedy support system link.

If your courses or grades are not displaying correctly, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Note: Grades will display in DegreeWorks one day after they are entered in Banner.  

What documentation is needed for continuing registration?
Students must submit an official high school transcript (or equivalent documentation) with the high school graduation date; an official GED transcript with content scores and an indicator that the student passed the GED test; or an official college transcript (or equivalent documentation) with the grade point average (GPA) and, if applicable, the graduation date by the end of the second session of enrollment. Students who do not meet this deadline are dropped from all courses in which they are enrolled for future sessions. Until official transcripts are received, such students may not register.

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